Mike Flanagan Galloping Gael Tapes June 1976

This is the taped log of Mike Flanagan’s (Dad’s) unfinished June 1976 Trans-Atlantic Solo attempt. Forty years ago this month.

It is 45 minutes long, and unless you knew him or are interested in what it must be like to sail off alone into the North Atlantic, this is probably not for you.

Recorded between the 5th June 1976 (start of the OSTAR race) and some time before 22 June (when Galloping Gael was found without her skipper). Sound quality is not the best, due to it being 1976 and having been recorded during howling gales.

Last words on the tape:

“Looking at the progress it is difficult to imagine that I’ll be back in two and a half weeks, but is is still possible”

Mike Flanagan aboard Galloping Gael

Mike Flanagan aboard Galloping Gael

No. It wasn’t.

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