Old Presentation from 2005 on Xen

Back in 2005 I had given a couple of talks at the Dublin ICT Expo – one on Asterisk, and one on Xen. Two of my favourite technologies at the time (and still are!)

After the show someone approached me and asked if I would give the Xen talk to the monthly System Administrators Guild of Ireland meet-up. I said “sure thing!”.

When I arrived to give the talk there were a good 30 people there. I began by introducing myself then asked everyone to let me know who they are and where they worked – it turned out, about 20 of them were from Google! Man, did I feel like my (purposefully) high level overview of what Xen was to be inadequate! Grannies and sucking eggs came to mind.

Anyway, I gave the presentation and we all had a good chat and pints afterwards, but it did remind me, in future to find out who the audience is!

For posterity, the original presentation slides are attached.


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