Viral Video Classic: The Website Is Down

This is priceless. Never saw it before. Just set aside 10 minutes and watch it! My sides hurt from laughing.

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Viral Video Classic: The Website Is Down

Possibly #nsfw if you're squeamish, but worth every giggle. For every sys admin, IT guy, support staff or elite tech soul who has tried to help others less apt. 🙂 It still makes me laugh even though it's nearing four years old.

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However scary a No vote might be in Ireland…

However scary a No vote might be in Ireland's upcoming referendum on the EU Stability Mechanism treaty, a Yes vote seems to me even scarier!

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“We engineers do have an actual problem…

"We engineers do have an actual problem with Hollywood and the music industry, but it’s not the one you probably assume. To be blunt (because there isn’t any nice way to put this) we think Big Entertainment is largely run by liars and thieves who systematically rip off the artists they claim to be protecting with their DRM, then sue their own customers because they’re too stupid to devise an honest way to make money"

Eric S. Raymond

An Open Letter to Chris Dodd

Mr. Dodd, I hear you’ve just given a speech in which you said “Hollywood is pro-technology and pro-Internet.” It seems you’re looking for interlocutors among the coalition that defeated SOPA a…

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o.O I’m testing this later…looooolz

Hahaha. Haven't tried this yet, but I would guess this would come in really useful if you found yourself in a group lost in the woods and only one person had any tunes on them 😉

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o.O I'm testing this later…looooolz

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Happy Birthday Linux!

Wow, 20 years.

I still remember the fun I had back in 1992 installing the MCC Interim 0.95c+ on an old 386. The entire distro consisted of two floppy disks – a boot/root disk and a utilities disk.

Unfortunately it did not come with the drivers for my hard disk so I had to compile them myself. This required using my floppy disk as swap space in order to get enough ram to compile a kernel with my driver (no modules in those days!). Took like 12  hours but at the end of it, to my surprise, it booted up and I was presented with a shell!

No networking, except to localhost (lack of drivers) but coming from DOS as I was and having struggled to run a multitasking BBS on DOS/DesqView for so long, I immediately fell in love.

I was in the process of building Ireland On-Line and had been running a BBS under DOS/Desqview. When I saw Linux I realized that *nix was the tool for the job, so switched to what was at the time the only PC Unix I could get – SCO (yeah, I know). However, less than 2 years later, by the time that Linux 1.0 came out, I had completely switched over all our servers to Linux and IOL was the largest ISP in the country.

I reckon we were one of the very first commercial companies to build their entire infrastructure on Linux.

Best move I ever made 🙂

Thanks Linus.


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ICT Expo Asterisk Presentation from 2005

Back in 2005 I had given a couple of talks at the Dublin ICT Expo – one on Asterisk, and one on Xen. Two of my favourite technologies at the time (and still are!)

For posterity (and because I have not put anything else into my Asterisk section), here is the Asterisk one. The Xen presentation is here










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Old Presentation from 2005 on Xen

Back in 2005 I had given a couple of talks at the Dublin ICT Expo – one on Asterisk, and one on Xen. Two of my favourite technologies at the time (and still are!)

After the show someone approached me and asked if I would give the Xen talk to the monthly System Administrators Guild of Ireland meet-up. I said “sure thing!”.

When I arrived to give the talk there were a good 30 people there. I began by introducing myself then asked everyone to let me know who they are and where they worked – it turned out, about 20 of them were from Google! Man, did I feel like my (purposefully) high level overview of what Xen was to be inadequate! Grannies and sucking eggs came to mind.

Anyway, I gave the presentation and we all had a good chat and pints afterwards, but it did remind me, in future to find out who the audience is!

For posterity, the original presentation slides are attached.


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